The Horse goes BEFORE the Cart

by Tom Tousignant

in Blog, Home Buying, Mortgages

I see a lot of folks who need to refinance because they fell in love with their house before they developed a mortgage strategy.

They put the cart before the horse.

They signed the purchase agreement and played beat-the-clock to get a mortgage and unpack the house before school started again.

The problem was, they didn’t recognize that buying a house is a totally separate decision from getting a mortgage. Once they placed a contract on the house, there is usually too much going on to create a great mortgage plan.

A year or so later, they find they own “too much house” or put down too much of their savings.

If you see a Certified Mortgage Planner before you fall in love with the house, you’ll have the right financial plan for you. Then you can shop for the house that you know will serve you well, both as a home and as your largest single investment.

Here’s a video with more details.

No matter your stage of life, I’m here to help you find a mortgage that’s compatible with your financial goals and circumstances. Give me a call today.

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