Are You a Mortgage Orphan?

by Tom Tousignant

in Blog, Mortgages, Refinancing

closedIf you secured your current mortgage through someone no longer in the business, you’re a mortgage orphan.

If your builder arranged your mortgage, you’re a mortgage orphan.

If you haven’t heard from your mortgage provider since you closed, you’re a mortgage orphan.

What’s wrong with being orphaned? You don’t have a mortgage professional who’s acquainted with your financial goals. You don’t have a professional who can help you decide whether now’s a good time to refinance or help you decide whether a different mortgage would serve your circumstances and goals better than the one you’re paying now.

Never fear. I’ll adopt you. Starting with a free Mortgage Checkup, you’ll be sure that starting with the house your financial house is in order. And every year I’ll get in touch to update your progress and options. Here’s a video that explains the Mortgage Checkup.

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