A Real Life Story

by Tom Tousignant

in Blog, Financial Safety

I’m not a big fan of emotional stories, but the ‘real life’ videos from LifeHappens.org are worth watching.  My belief is that life insurance is an important piece of a mortgage plan.  In my priority system, after you build a small emergency fund, pay off any non-productive debt such as credit cards and car loans, you need to protect what you have.  The main threats to what you have, and what you will have, are: lawsuits, illness/injury, and early loss of life.  When you build the ‘walls around your castle’, you will look for the proper types and amounts of insurance to protect you and your family from these main threats.

Since September is Life Insurance Awareness Month, I’m putting mostly life insurance information out there this month.  Here is a story of a young man who planned ahead for his family:

If someone would suffer financially if you weren’t here, you need to build the walls around your castle in the form of proper life insurance.

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