A Better Strategy

by Tom Tousignant

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Since the Great Depression, conventional wisdom said you should buy a house for both shelter and investment and pay off your mortgage as fast as you can.  No wonder many Americans store a large portion of their wealth within the walls of their homes.

Unfortunately, many of those people have seen their wealth disappear.

It’s time to re-visit conventional wisdom. With the real estate-led recession, many Americans are finding that 80 year old financial advice may not be right for today.

I believe the right mortgage should help you:

In North Carolina, we work with our clients to help them develop a mortgage strategy that will allow them to turn their home into a castle.

If your last mortgage lender, or the loan officer you may have talked to recently isn’t talking about more than just interest rates, he or she is missing the point, and you are missing a great opportunity.

Sure rates are important, and by working with multiple lenders, we ensure our rates are always competitive.  Be sure to go the extra step and develop a strategy for your mortgage that will help you succeed financially.

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