Guide to Life Insurance

by Tom Tousignant

in Blog, Refinancing, Wealth Building

Every September is Life Insurance Awareness Month.  With many kids going back to school this month in Charlotte, it’s a great time for Homeowners to pause, look at what is really important, and consider if they have enough Life Insurance to protect the most important people in their lives.

LIFE, a non-profit organization produced a Guide called “What you need to know about Life Insurance“.  It’s an informative, quick read that you can download here.  Save the PDF file, read it soon, and evaluate if you need to create or make changes to your insurance plan.

With so many homeowners benefiting today with the low mortgage interest rates, I recommend that Life Insurance be a strong consideration for the savings on the mortgage.  It’s always best to have a plan for the mortgage interest savings so that the money isn’t just wasted after closing.  Maybe protecting your family is the right thing to do?

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