11 Things to get done in ’11

by Tom Tousignant

in Blog

Run through this checklist – here are 11 things you need to think about as 2011 gets started.  Some of these things you need to do, some of these things are ok for 2012…

  1. Build an Emergency Fund
  2. Pay off any debts that aren’t increasing your wealth – Credit cards, auto loans, and student loans aren’t increasing your wealth.
  3. Make sure you have the right insurances in place – homeowner’s, life, sickness, injury, or lawsuit
  4. Re-balance all your assets – make sure your money is where you want it to be, not just in house equity and retirement plans
  5. Review your mortgage – it’s about more than just the interest rate
  6. Buy an Investment Property or Help Someone buy their first home
  7. Increase your 401k or IRA savings
  8. Save for your kids College Education
  9. Buy the home you really want
  10. Buy your retirement home now, and then rent it until you need
  11. Download this free ebook to see how to pull all this advice together or contact me for a free consultation.

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