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Top Financial Priorities in 2013

At the start of 2013, it’s (let’s be honest here) time to make some resolutions that we can break, OK? Resolutions you might break: Eat Healthier Go to bed on time and wake up earlier Lose weight Exercise more What other Resolutions do you plan on breaking this year? At, there are a few […]

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6 Action Steps for Building a Budget

Here are Six Simple steps you can take to easily create a spending plan that you can live with, and even Succeed with: Action Step 1 – Set a Goal Believe me, goal-setting is one of the most important skills you can possibly learn, no matter what field you’re in.  If you talk to any […]

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See How Credit Missteps Lower Your Credit Score

The company behind the popular FICO scoring model has published a “What If?” series for common, specific credit missteps.

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