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Real Estate Update for November 2011

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The Survey Says: Home Ownership is still a good Investment

Thinking of buying a new home in Charlotte?  A new survey reports that most home owners still think home ownership is still a good investment and most home owners made a profit on their long-term homes.  Key points: 8,449 home buyers from July 2009 to July 2010 responded to this survey – that seems like a […]

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Inflation Means your Dollars Buy Less

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Most people think Inflation means that things get more expensive.  They also think “Deflation’ means that prices are dropping. Peter Schiff, a former US Senate candidate and President of Euro-Pacific Capital, famously called the housing bubble explosion before it happened.  He recently wrote a good article responding to NY Fed President William Dudley’s recent speech.  By: Peter Schiff […]

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15 Year Mortgages

The 15 year mortgage has become more popular since mortgage interest rates dropped.  An article in the Wall Street Journal gave some reasons why this is happening. With the low mortgage interest rates, many homeowners are finding that a 15 year mortgage is more affordable than previously.  In addition, for those homeowners that have been in […]

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A Better Strategy

Since the Great Depression, conventional wisdom said you should buy a house for both shelter and investment and pay off your mortgage as fast as you can.  No wonder many Americans store a large portion of their wealth within the walls of their homes. Unfortunately, many of those people have seen their wealth disappear. It’s […]

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