Year End Planning

So, did you get everything done that you had on your list at the beginning of the year?  Hopefully “Yes” for vacations and other fun stuff, and hopefully “Yes” for important stuff, like checking your life insurance needs or refinancing your mortgage.  Most likely, if you reviewed a list of what you wanted to do over the […]

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Asset Location

Many Financial Planners will talk about “Asset Allocation Strategies” as a way to safely grow your net worth.  Asset Allocation strategies sound pretty complicated to me, so I like to look at “Asset Location” first. What is Asset Location? Asset Location is having a plan for where you are going to locate your Assets – […]

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The Safest Way to Own your House

Too many people think if they pay off their mortgage, they can never lose their house. Unfortunately, they often find out too late that is just isn’t true. Watch this short video to learn the safest way to own your house:

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Inflation Means your Dollars Buy Less

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Most people think Inflation means that things get more expensive.  They also think “Deflation’ means that prices are dropping. Peter Schiff, a former US Senate candidate and President of Euro-Pacific Capital, famously called the housing bubble explosion before it happened.  He recently wrote a good article responding to NY Fed President William Dudley’s recent speech.  By: Peter Schiff […]

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Reviewing your Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage

It’s easy to get your Homeowner’s Insurance when you buy a house, and then forget about it.  The following is a guest article from Nico Iannelli with Medallion Insurance Services, on the importance of regular insurance reviews: It’s Not Just Home Insurance  The largest purchase most people make is a home.  Surprisingly, given the importance […]

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