Secure the Tunnels

Let’s say you’re behind the castle walls fending off an enemy that intends to starve you out.  That’s where your tunnels come in handy. If the tunnels stay hidden, your suppliers can bring rations and your spies can bring intelligence.  But if your tunnels are discovered by the enemy you’re in trouble.

Since castle tunnels can bring both redemption and doom, they remind me of  debt.  The proper use of debt can improve your finances. Used wrongly, debt will drain you moat and ruin your protection.  When you get rid of short term debt, you will have more money each month – to fill your moat, invest, or use elsewhere.  Don’t finance yesterday’s memories and prevent tomorrow’s dreams.

Lesson Two: Create a mortgage plan that reduces bad debt, and leaves you with money for more important things.   Keep you credit score high and learn how to improve your credit score.   This Borrow Smart Interview will help you uncover priorities for how to structure your mortgage strategy.

Let’s put it all together.