Engage Your Strategy

Plot Your Course
Let’s recap the steps of a successful mortgage strategy:

  1. Improve your credit score
  2. Determine the right sized mortgage payment compared to your other financial priorities
  3. Insure your life, your income, and your health before buying your home; after the purchase, insure the home and insure yourself against lawsuits
  4. Step #2 means you have sufficient monies left to invest  — be sure you have your investments properly allocated based on your age, goals and risk tolerance.  These resources can help guide your decisions
  5. Revisit your goals when major life changes occur:  births, deaths, change of jobs and change of priorities.  The goal is to feel prosperous no matter how much money you have in the bank, your investments or within the four walls of your house

How I can help you

I’m a Mortgage Banker licensed in North and South Carolina (with Corporate locations throughout the US) and would very much like to provide you with that “best mortgage” after helping you develop a mortgage strategy.  It costs no more to do business with me, a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist, TM as it does to deal with a faceless voice from a call center.  Let’s get started.