Trust me, your circumstances will change over the life of your mortgage.  And when they do I’ll be able to help you make mortgage decisions in short order because I’ll be in touch every year.

Mortgage Planning

Any average loan officer can quote  interest rates and closing costs. While important, these are just a small part of the solution.

There are many factors, such as down payment, your other debts, competing financial priorities, interest rate adjustments, repayment schedule, and other considerations that will determine the appropriate mortgage strategy.

You need to get the lowest total cost for your financing, not the lowest closing cost.  Before you make a decision, you need to see the impact different loan choices will have on your net worth and cash flow over time.

Don’t make the biggest financial decision of the year without placing your mortgage in the context of your overall financial life.

To find out more, send an email to me at tom@StartwiththeHouse or visit this secure website to complete a loan application online.

Mortgage Checkup

Too often, people choose a mortgage based on the lowest interest rate, or closing costs without developing a plan to integrate the mortgage program they select into their overall long- and short-term financial goals.

Through the Mortgage Checkup process, we update all the factors that influence the proper mortgage strategy and discover ways to increase financial safety, create options and choices, maximize tax savings, and assist in achieving financial goals sooner.

The Mortgage Checkup is recommended for past clients on their mortgage anniversary and anytime for  homeowners who aren’t sure they selected the optimum financing strategy. The process takes about 20 minutes to gather the needed information, and the review can be done in person or over the phone using web conferencing.

To find out more, email me at  Even if we haven’t worked together before, I’ll perform this review  free of charge so you can see how our service works.  If I can’t improve your situation this year, perhaps I can do so at a later time.

RateWatch Service

RateWatch service is a mortgage management process that involves a once a quarter report mailed to all clients. The RateWatch service tells you when mortgage rates have improved to the point that refinancing should be considered.

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