Real Estate Agents

In Charlotte’s Real Estate market, you need an experienced, local, mortgage lender who can get your clients home loans closed – on time, with no surprises, and with competitive rates and fees.

You’ve found the right place.  At Fairway Independent Mortgage, we have over 30 lenders available, so we can find a home for every loan application that makes sense.  We process, underwrite and fund the loans ourselves – we get the closing docs to the Attorney’s office 3 days early, and send the funds the night before the closing.

Imagine what that would be like when I call you at 5pm the night before the closing to tell you the Attorney not only has the paperwork, but we have already sent the money as well.

A Fast “No”

Today, not everyone can get a home loan in Charlotte.  It used to be that we could always find a lender for everyone that was willing to buy a house. You see how well that worked out…

We can promise you a fast ‘No’ with you prospects.  You won’t have to waste your time with great people that, for what ever reason, can’t get financing in today’s market. 

Sometime ‘No’ means ‘Not yet’

When it means ‘not yet‘, we’ll tell you and tell your prospect.  We’ll educate them on what they need to do to get to ‘Now‘.

If they need help with credit repair, we will refer them to someone who can help.  Our credit repair partners will email you updates and let you and I know when they are ready to buy.

For other prospects who don’t have sufficient income, the right tax returns, or other issues, we will accurately explain to them what they need to do to get qualified, and we will follow up with you and them to help it happen.

What it could be 

Imagine if your buyers were pre-approved by a local independent mortgage lender and that pre-approval was guaranteed. 

Imagine if you asked for a Closing three weeks after contract acceptance, and your lender said, “OK, if you want to wait three weeks, we can wait that long, too”.  (By law, we need 7 business days, in practice, we are typically cleared to close in 10 days, but can move faster if we need to with out in house underwriting, processing and closing).

Imagine what it would be like if your buyers thanked you after the closing for referring them to us – because they ended up with better rates, knowledge and service than they would have received anywhere else in Charlotte. 

Mortgage approvals and on-time closings aren’t tough

We close loans on time and with no surprises everyday.  Over 50% of the loan officers have left the business in the last two years.  Meanwhile, we have grown our business over 80% in the same time by giving great advice, treating our clients and partners fairly and keeping our promises.

If you are a Real Estate Professional, you and your clients deserve:

  1. On time closing with no surprises
  2. Money at the table the day before the closing and a HUD-1 2-3 days before the closing
  3. Great advice and rates
  4. A fast ‘No’ when that is the only answer, or an accurate ‘Not yet’ with a plan to get to yes.

If you aren’t 100% confident in your current lender, or if your mortgage broker quit the business, give me a call at 704-541-1171 and let’s talk.